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Organising a wedding or a grand event is a complex process, demanding meticulous attention and a series of critical decisions. The journey starts with picking the ideal venue that aligns with the envisioned theme. From there, the culinary aspect comes into play, requiring the curation of a menu that pleases every guest and the coordination of catering services that can deliver quality and taste.

The ambience is crafted by sourcing the right furniture that complements the event’s tone and by choosing vibrant flowers that breathe life into the setting. Decisions on decor play a pivotal role in setting the mood, whether it’s opulent, minimalist, or anything in between. Moreover, ensuring seamless transportation logistics is vital, guaranteeing that guests arrive and depart without a hitch.

Beyond these, there are countless other nuances to consider, from entertainment to invitations, all working in tandem to create a memorable occasion.

Unwavering Dedication

Crafting Memorable Events

At Eventus, our commitment to you is unwavering, spanning from the very first handshake to the final farewells of your grand occasion. From the onset of our relationship, we pledge our undivided attention, guiding you meticulously through each phase: planning, budgeting, curating styles, organisation, and yes, even the tidying up after the last guest departs.

Dreaming of an ethereal floating mandap for your ceremony? Consider it done. Envisioning a gala punctuated with melodious singers and vibrant dancers? We’re on it. At Eventus, no aspiration is too grand or detail too minuscule. Whether it’s sourcing the perfect shade for napkins or selecting elegant cutlery to elevate your dining experience, we dive deep into every facet. Our mission? To craft an event that doesn’t just meet expectations, but surpasses them, etching memories that linger for a lifetime.


Who are we?

Eventus is a luxury wedding & event planning company based in the West Midlands. We offer expert advice on the latest wedding trends, with an excellent standing within the Asian wedding industry and a commitment to providing a completely bespoke and personal service.


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We are committed to providing creativity and style as well as extreme attention to detail with every wedding we plan.

Eventus has worked across the country creating memorable weddings and events which are unique to each couple we work with; we tailor each detail of the day to the needs and desires of our clients to fulfil our ultimate aim of crafting an unforgettable occasion for everyone in attendance.

Every wedding organised by Eventus can be as traditional and respectful, or as modern and spectacular as our clients wish.

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Don’t miss out on our exquisite venue

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